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Workshop Science Communication with Prof. Dr. Annette Leßmöllmann (KIT)

17. Dezember 2021

Date: January 27, 2021, 2-4 pm (Zoom)
Language: German

This workshop is a joint event of the Research Support Office and Junior Scholar Office (WiN-UBT).

Please register via email at forschungsfoerderung@uni-bayreuth.de until January 24, 2022; members of UBTGS and WiN may register via BayDoc.

Science Communication is on everyone’s lips – it’s exciting, vital for society and politically intended; it’s even mentioned in the latest coalition agreement.
By no means a mere buzzword, SciComm has become an important ‘ToDo’ in academia. Fields of action are diverse, and scientific expertise is in high demand not just since the beginning of the Covid and climate crises. But how to get in, who to address and how to tackle unwanted feedback?

With Prof. Dr. Annette Leßmöllmann we invited one of the most practised experts in Science Communication to introduce participants to its basics, relevant audiences and engaging concepts.

#SciComm #medialiteracy #fundingrequisite

Our speaker

Annette Leßmöllmann (@annetteless) has a PhD in Linguistics and holds the Professorship for Science Communication with a Focus on Linguistics at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). She teaches in the B.A. and M.A. programmes ”Research – Media – Communication“ (@WMKstudium). In various projects she investigates public discourse on e.g. AI (@ai_rhet) and Public Health. Her research foci include digital formats in Science Journalism and working in academic communication. She is a councillor for Deutschlandradio, jury member of the Communicatorpreis and Co-Editor of the influential platform wissenschaftskommunikation.de.

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