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Open Access publications are scientific publications that are free of all access restrictions. Articles can be accessed online and can be read, downloaded, copied, printed, or distributed free of charge. The author keeps all rights to his or her contribution.

Scholarly articles in open access journals can be accessed quickly and easily from around the world, and they can also be easily found and distributed. Quality assurance by peer-review is carried out in the same way as it is for traditional journals.

The University of Bayreuth supports the principles of open access (the University's Open Access Strategy). A publication fund is available as an incentive for authors: article processing fees that apply to a publication in an open access journal can be covered in full.

Further information on Open Access publishing and the publication fund can be found on the pages of our University Library.

In this context we would like to make you aware of the dangers of Predatory Publishing. Detailed information can be found on the pages of our University Library.

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