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From Submitting a Proposal to Carrying out the Project

There are several stages in the project cycle from drafting the proposal to the conclusion of the project. The Office of Research Support assists you in all stages, from planning to carrying out the project. If the need arises, the office can also liaison with other offices and service centres at the University of Bayreuth.

From Idea to ProposalHide

There are several matters you will need to take care of prior to the start of your project:

  • finding suitable funding opportunities for your project idea
  • discussing the details with project partners
  • drafting a project proposal
  • creating a timetable for the proposal

The advisors in the Office of Research Support are happy to help you manage these important steps. To this end, we have collected information on national and international funding programmes.

Submitting a ProposalHide

When submitting a proposal, certain guidelines should be followed, depending on the funding programme and type of project in question. You will generally find the funding guidelines on the funding organization's homepage. Additional information and support is available from the Office of Research Support.

Who is the Applicant?

The University of Bayreuth is the official applicant for funding programmes offered by the Federal Ministry, the State of Bavaria, and the EU. The approval of the University Governing Board is thus a prerequisite for submitting a proposal.  We therefore ask that you contact the Office of Research Support well before the deadline. We offer assistance in preparing all documents required for the proposal.

Early-career Scholars Submitting a Proposal

Applicants who have a fixed-term employment contract with the University of Bayreuth are required to include additional documents:

  • A statement by the University of Bayreuth as the host institution
  • A statement by the relevant chair to provide the basic equipment necessary

Proposals for Federal Programmes

We have prepared a sheet to help you fill out the forms required for federal programmes (by the BMBF and other federal ministries); the sheet also describes which offices at the University of Bayreuth are responsible for processing the proposal.  If you need assistance during the proposal phase, please contact Iris Hetz (Dipl.-Ing.).

Coordinated Proposals

If you are submitting a proposal in one of the DFG's coordinated programmes (Collaborative Research Centres (SFB), Research Units (FOR), or Research Training Groups (GK)), you will get additional support from the University Governing Board and the University of Bayreuth's Research Committee. For more information, please contact Dr. Ursula Higgins (Office of Research Support) prior to drafting the proposal.

International Proposals

If you would like to coordinate an EU project, the Bavarian Research Alliance (BayFOR) offers professional support. You can also apply for BayFOR funds to initiate cooperation with international partners in the scope of the funding programme BayIntAn. Please contact the Office of Research Support for further details.

Commissioned Research

If you intend to provide research or scientific services for external clients, please get in touch with Unit II (Accounting, Finances), Division II/1.5.


Your budget should be as concrete as possible, and the rationales you provide must be plausible. We offer support with the cost planning involved in your proposal. Please contact the Office of Research Support if you have any questions regarding the various cost categories (personnel, equipment, consumable materials, etc.).

Depending on the funding organization, you may have to collect several different offers for equipment or large amounts of consumable materials. Please get in touch with Horst Schilling (Unit II/ Procurement) for more information on procurement law and the next steps to take.

Send us your budget before submitting - we can help you optimize it!

Commissioned Research

A cooperation agreement and special cost calculation are generally required for planning contract research or scientific services for external clients. A spreadsheet for cost calculation ("Formblatt H 1244") is available in the "Forms" section, provided by Unit II, Accounting. Assistance with planning and calculations is provided by Division II/1.5 in Unit II, Accounting. For assistance with contract design, please get in touch with Thomas Frahnert (Division I/AR, General Legal Affairs).

Contract DesignHide

A cooperation or third-party agreement must generally be signed for commissioned research or scientific services for one or more partners. Division I/AR, General Legal Affairs, advises on related legal issues and can provide you with sample agreements for working together with third parties. If you receive a draft of an agreement from a partner, please forward it to Division I/AR as soon as possible so the agreement can be checked.

Templates for consortium agreements in EU projects are provided by Dr. Ursula Higgins, Office of Research Support.

All third-party agreements are checked by Division I/AR, General Legal Affairs. Please allow enough time for the documents to be checked and for any follow-up negotiations that might be necessary. The agreements are signed by the Provost of the University of Bayreuth along with the project manager.

Start of the ProjectHide

Your project work can commence as soon as you receive your grant approval. Please contact the staff member in Division II/1.4, Unit II, Accounting, Finances, responsible for external funding from your funding organization to set up an account for your project. Division II/1.4 also takes care of drawing funds and provides assistance if you have questions concerning project management.

The hiring of externally funded personnel is managed by Human Resources, Division III/1.3, Third-Party Funding. The documents to be submitted by research associates (and English translations to be used as a guide) can be found under the forms provided by Unit III, Human Resources (see "Einstellungen"). Please allow plenty of time as the hiring process can often take several weeks.

Human Resources can also answer questions regarding Germany's new Scientific Fixed-Term Contract Act (WissZeitVG).

The regulations relating to announcing and awarding contracts also applies to the procurement of equipment and large amounts of consumable supplies. Please contact Horst Schilling (Unit II, Procurement) before ordering such materials or equipment.

Commissioned Research and Scientific Services

Timesheets need to be provided for personnel costs that should be covered in the scope of commissioned research and scientific services. These timesheets need to be submitted to Division II/1.5 on a regular basis for project billing. For more information on settlement of commissioned research or scientific services and reimbursement of revenue from projects, please contact Division II/1.5.

EU Projects

Staff members whose positions are financed wholly or in part using EU project funds must keep a record of their work hours for the entire period of employment. Download our timesheet template If you have any questions about timesheets, please contact Harald Meier (Third-Party Funding, Division II/1.4).

Account management and Financial statementsHide

The University Administration manages your project account and the required proof of use. If you have any questions, please contact Third-Party Funding, Division II/1.4.

EU Projects

Assistance with settlement transactions for your EU project is provided by Harald Meier, Division II/1.4, who checks incoming and outgoing transactions and prepares Financial Statements (Form C) and - if necessary - a Certificate on the Financial Statement (CFS). Download our timesheet template. If you have any questions about timesheets, please contact Harald Meier (Third-Party Funding).

Commissioned Research and Scientific Services

Please submit your timesheets (filled out and signed) to Division II/1.5 for payment. Post-calculation (calculation of the actual costs that arose over the course of the project) is carried out after the conclusion of the project on the basis of the time sheets submitted and all expenses that arose during the project. If you have any questions concerning post-calculation or billing, please contact Division II/1.5.

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